Flush Normally Open Wired Alarm Door Contact White

Flush Normally Open Wired Alarm Door Contact White
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A high quality, professional grade, magnetic, surface mounting door contacts are very handy and can be used on both metal and wooden doors as well as windows and garage and patio doors. They are constructed from plastic and have 5 connection terminals, 2 for the alarm circuit and 3 for termination.

These door contacts are a specialist detector that has many uses where equipment needs a signal or ciucuit to be made when a door is opened and are popular for use on CCTV systems and Air conditioning systems.

The contact provides a NORMALLY OPEN circuit when the contact and magnetic halves are together (door shut) and when seperated the circuit is made going CLOSED CIRCUIT in alarm (door open).

Main Features:

  • Flush mounting
  • Plastic construction
  • Single reed
  • 5 Connection terminals
  • Maximum operating gap approximately 20mm
  • Approximate dimensions: 67mm x 14mm x 13mm
  • Fixings included
  • Colour: White