Burglar Alarm Auto Speech Dialler

Burglar Alarm Auto Speech Dialler
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Our burglar alarm auto speech dialler works with a standard telephone landline and when the autodialler is triggered by an intruder alarm control panel or extenal equipment or device it will use the PSTN landline phone network to relay your personalised pre-recorded alarm activation voice message to up to 9 telephone numbers that you have programmed, these can be landline or mobile phone numbers. Different messages can be recorded for different alarm conditions - fire, intruder, panic, flood etc. Up to 9 telephone numbers can be assigned to one or both input triggers.

The speech dialler can be fitted to most existing alarm control panels* from major manufacturers such as ADE, Honeywell, Texecom, Gardtec, Scantronic, Menvier, Eurosec, C&K and many others or it can be used as a stand alone dialler for connection to external equipment and devices.

The speech dialler is 12 Volt DC and requires a negative trigger on the input terminals to trigger the dialling sequence.

Speech Autodialler Main Features:

• Uses landline to make the alarm call
• An alternative to expensive contracted 'Monitored Alarm Services'
• Works during power failure (battery back-up - battery not supplied)
• Automatically calls up to 9 separate programmed telephone numbers per input
• Contact numbers are automatically dialled in turn until acknowledged by the call taker
• Delivers different messages relevant to the type of event triggered, i.e. intruder, fire, panic and tamper
• Simple to record your personalised voice message(s) using the built in microphone and speaker
• Additional built-in sounder within the Autodialler. Programmable 'On' or 'Off' - for silent dial-out or sounder & dial-out
• 10 Second recording time each trigger input for alarm messages.

*If you are unsure is this will work in your country or on your existing system please contact us and we will happily confirm this for you.

Box Includes

1 x PSTN Burglar Alarm Speech Dialler
1 x Telephone line cord
1 x Instruction / Installation Instructions