Simple Maglock Door Entry Kit, Power Supply, Maglock, Lock Time, Exit Switch

Simple Maglock Door Entry Kit, Power Supply, Maglock, Lock Time, Exit Switch
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Simple Maglock Door Entry Kit with Power Supply, Lock Timer and Request to Exit Button

This SIMPLE door entry kit is ideal for people who want to control access through a door from the INSIDE of a premises and DO NOT require a two way intercom unit or access control keypad to operate the door but simply want to lock a door and unlock the door with a switch.

On operating the switch, the specialised power supply with built in lock timing module will open the maglock for a preset time (adjustable) allowing visitors access, once the time has elapsed the lock will energise and when the door is closed it will lock.

Main Features

Maglock Power Supply with Back Up Battery Facility (battery available separately)
Built In Lock Timer Module with Adjustable Lock Operating Time
Quality Request to Exit Button
Maglock with 600LB holding force
Maglock can be mounted on wooden or metal doors
Internal use only
As installed by UK Installers now available DIY

What is Included?
1 x Maglock Power supply with Lock Timer
1 x Top Quality Request to Exit Button
1 x Maglock with 600LB Holding Force
1 x Wiring Diagram
Use of our technical help line

Please note that if this kit is fitted to a door that is your only entrance and exit, the door will be locked if the door is shut and power is flowing to the Maglock, if you do not have any other means of entry to your premises and you are outside you will be locked out, to prevent this you can add any suitable 12 volt DC access control keypad making this a complete access control kit or remove power via a bypass switch or timer to override the lock.  IF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT ABOUT THE SUITABILITY OF THIS KIT PLEASE CALL 01922 624644