Professional 4 in 1 Wired Intruder Burglar Alarm Smoke Fire Detector 12VDC

Professional 4 in 1 Wired Intruder Burglar Alarm Smoke Fire Detector 12VDC
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4 in 1 Smoke / Fire Detector for 12 Volt Wired Intruder Alarm Systems - 12VDC

Our 4 in 1 smoke detector unit is UNIQUE, it allows you to set the unit to the type of detector it needs to be, for example, if you need an optical detector and a heat detector for your installation you can purchase the same detector and select the detection type very easily by using the dip switches on the unit.  By combining selectable advanced optical, heat and rate of rise detection technology, this smoke detector is ideal for most environments, especially as it’s compatible with almost all 12v wired intruder alarm systems.

Important !! : This unit is NOT compatible with fire alarm systems.

The optical smoke sensor will detect slow burning or smouldering fire, alerting you to fire as soon as it starts. And in rooms where high temperatures levels are the norm, it can be programmed to activate at 60ºC or 77ºC or to detect rapid rises in temperature, greatly reducing the potential for false alarms. Moreover, it can recognise and compensate for gradual build-up in dust and other non-smoke related factors, and will indicate when the detector needs cleaning.

Quite simply, this is the only smoke detector you are likely to need. Many professional installers use this detector as they only need one and can select the type of detection required on-site rarther than carrying multiple fixed detection detectors in stock.

Main features

Four programmable separate detection capabilities within one unit selected by dip switch
Modes available are: Optical, Combined Optical & Heat, Fixed Heat and Rate of Rise
Normally closed volt free contacts going open in alarm state
Detachable detector head with base
Smoke detector compatible with 12v WIRED alarm systems (NOT for Fire Alarm Systems)
Dual status LED indicators
Aesthetic Design, blends with any decor 

What is Included?

1 x 4 in 1 Intruder Alarm Smoke Detector
1 x Smoke Detector Base
1 x Manufacturers Instructions
1 x Our technical help if needed