GSM Dialler Controller with 4 Inputs and 2 Relay Outputs

GSM Dialler Controller with 4 Inputs and 2 Relay Outputs
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This GSM contoller is a low cost solution to Remote Control and Monitoring via your mobile phone. It has 2 relay outputs and 4 contact closure inputs. Outputs can be set/reset or pulsed with time periods from 1 second to 10 hours by text message or phone call. Inputs can send alert text messages and can make a phone call with up to 100 authorized numbers can be set for control and reporting. 

Programming can be done locally set via USB using PC software and connecting cable (Available seperatly) or remotely via the dedicated settings website or you can use or progamming service.

In the event of a power cut the dialler  can continue operation for up to 24 hours using the optional battery back up backup module (Available separately).


Main features:

GSM/GPRS Control Unit using SMS text messaging
2 x mains rated relay outputs for switching for example lights, pumps, central heating or operating gates and roller shutters
Resistive load  -  max. 2.5A / 250V AC, Inductive (lamp load)  -  max. 0.5A / 250V AC
Output switching period in impulse mode adjustable from 1seconds to 10 hours in 1s increments
4 x contact closure inputs from example PIR detectors, flood detectors, security alarm systems etc
Can switch on/off outputs from simple SMS text message
Can send an SMS message when a input changes state
Uses standard mobile phone SIM card, including pre-paid (not the 3 network)
Easy to use and configure via USB, SMS or the internet
Up to 100 authorized numbers can be set for control and reporting.
Supplied with UK/EU mains 12V DC PSU
Optional battery back-up for operation even during mains power failure
Quad band so will work anywhere in the world
GSM antenna, connected to SMA connector
Users - Set up to 100 users with telephone numbers, reports andauthorisation to control.
Inputs - All parameters related to inputs A, B, C, D can be configured such as texts for reporting via SMS, etc.
Output -  All parameters related to X and Y outputs can be configured such as texts for control the outputs, reactions, etc.
Settings - Includes advanced settings of the communicator, for example service telephone numbers, pre-paid SIM card credit balance checking, etc.
Texts - Meant for editing system texts reported via SMS according to user requirements. Default texts are in the English language
Dimensions 110mm x 77mm x 33mm (without antenna)


Via PC USB and Software (Available seperatly)
You can program using a simple web interface. Fill in the web form with your required settings, and submit to send the settings to the GSM Unit. This service is free.
By sending Text Message directly to the GSM Unit