Flush Wired Alarm Door Contact White

Flush Wired Alarm Door Contact White
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A high quality, PROFESSIONAL GRADE, magnetic, FLUSH mounting wired contact for intruder alarms is a very handy item as it can be used on doors as well as windows where a more asethetic finish is required. They are constructed from plastic and have 5 connection terminals, 2 for the alarm circuit and 3 for termination.

The contact provides a NORMALLY CLOSED circuit when the contact and magnetic halves are together (door shut) and when seperated the circuit is made going OPEN CIRCUIT in alarm (door open).

Main Features:

  • Flush mounting
  • Plastic construction
  • Single reed
  • 5 Connection terminals
  • Maximum operating gap approximately 20mm
  • Hole required for mounting 20mm x 15mm deep
  • Face plate approx. 35mm x 23mm
  • Screw fixings included
  • Colour: White