Texecom Veritas 8 LED Wired Burglar Alarm Kit, 2 Dualteh PIRs with GSM Dialler, Ideal for Garages and Workshops

Texecom Veritas 8 LED Wired Burglar Alarm Kit, 2 Dualteh PIRs with GSM Dialler, Ideal for Garages and Workshops
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Texecom Veritas 8 LED Wired Burglar Alarm Kit, 2 Dualteh PIRs with GSM Dialler, Ideal for Garages and Workshops

This PROFESSIONAL and RELIABLE quality WIRED burglar alarm kit, Ideal for garage, workshop or factory units as fitted by Professional UK alarm installers and features a fully programable 8 Zone, Texecom Veritas 8 control panel with a Built-in LED keypad is a very well known and respected brand in the professional security industry.

This kit includes PROFESSIONALDUAL TECHNOLOGY PIR detectors that are suitable for harsh envioronments wher maximum false alarm immunity is required and are particullay suited to commercial applications such as garages, workshops and industrial units. The detectors have a maximum detection range of 12 Meters and incorporates a SELECTABLE look down 'creep zone' to detect movement directly under the PIR, this feature usually only found in high end detectors as well as a selectable pet friendly mode, ideal if the environment they are installed in to has a possibility of small animals entering the protected area. Sealed optics for additional reliability and a selectable operation LED on or off.

We have also included in this kit Heavy Duty, Industrial, surface mounted door contacts. These contacts are very handy due to the wide operating gap of up to 40mm and can be used to protect both metal and wooden doors as well as windows and industrial doors. They are constructed from plastic and have 5 connection terminals, 2 for the alarm and 2 for tamper and 2 for termination of exta cores.

The burglar alarm kit includes a VERY LOUD, LIVE bell box of a slimline modern design with an intergrated 115db siren, strobe, back up battery, warning / comfort lights and is fully tamper protected.

The kit also includes a GSM Autodialler works on standard UK and European Mobile Networks* with either 'Contract' or 'Pay as you Go' SIM Cards and is ideal for installation where it is not convenient to connect to a landline telephone or one is not fitted to the protected premises or where a phoneline may be easily cut rendering traditional diallers useless. When the GSM autodialler is triggered it will use the mobile phone network (in the same way as a mobile phone does) to relay your programmed SMS to up to 5 pre-programmed numbers of your choice and send a customised, programmable SMS message. Simple installation and easy programming and is supplied with an easy to follow instruction guide.

Main Features
Sends SMS text message when in alarm via GSM Network
8 Zones Programmable Security Zones
Full & 2 Parts Set Modes
Seperate Tamper Circuit for Detectors and Bell
LED Backlit Built-in Keypad
Asthetic Design
Programmable Access & Engineer Codes
Event Memory
Top Quality professional Detectors with look down detection
Loud LIVE 115db external siren
Fully wired system for reliability

What is Included?
1 x Veritas 8 Control Panel
2 x Top Quality Professional Dual Technology PIR Detectors
1 x Live Bell Box with SAB, Warning Light & Strobe
1 x GSM SMS Dialler
1 x Pay as you Go SIM (Unregisterd, you will need to add credit)
1 x 100 Meter roll of 6 core alarm cable
2 x Industrial Heavy Duty Surface mounted door contacts
1 x Rechargeable battery for system back up
1 x Packet of alarm cable clips
Manufacturers installation* and user instructions

*Due to Texecom no longer printing the installation manual we will provide it on CD in pdf format.

WE ARE NOT BOX SHIFTERS If you want a PROFESSIONAL quality system that will provide years of faultless, reliable service backed by specialist people who know what they are offering and are prepared to support it..... then this is for you!

As with any product purchased from Wholesale Security you can call our technical help line if you have any installation difficulties or questions.