SMART Proximity Keypad Access Keypad, APP Control, Wi-Fi Enabled, Weatherproof IP68 with External Reader

SMART Proximity Keypad Access Keypad, APP Control, Wi-Fi Enabled, Weatherproof IP68 with External Reader
SMART Proximity Keypad Access Keypad, APP Control, Wi-Fi Enabled, Weatherproof IP68 with External Reader
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SMART Proximity Keypad Access Control Keypad, APP Control, Wi-Fi Enabled, Weatherproof to IP68 with External Reader

This WEATHERPROOF IP68, Proximity / Code or APP operated Door is ideal for people who want to control access to authorised personnel through a door by using a personal proximity tag, 'pin' code or APP - when a correct tag is 'shown' a few inches from the unit or a correct code is entered it operates the lock release granting access to the user or the door can be remotly opened via the APP on your Smart phone.  The keypad can be used for higher security applications where a proximity tag and a code is needed to release the door.  This access unit has the following programmable operating modes code only, tag only or code and tag.

The DG-925T Keypad is App enabled and connects to your existing Wi-Fi to enable remote features such as managing users codes and tags, adding / deleting or scheduling when a user is permitted access to the building (useful for cleaners for example), activity log (who opened at what time and date etc), remote opening from smartphone, setting a temporary expiring code for one off access, all from a FREE App from your smartphone wherever you are in the world, as long as you have internet access ;-)

What happens if the Wi-Fi goes off or I am out of coverage with my smart phone?

The access system will work as normal, authorised users with a valid code or proximity tag will still be able to use the access system, you can also still use the keypad on the access system to program it if required.

External / Internal Proximity Reader

The external / internal, weatherproof to IP68 reader supplied with this keypad allows you to connect this reader to the keypad allowing users with a fob to gain access by presenting their fob to the keypad OR the external reader. This is useful for a door that requires authorised users to read in (enter) and read out (exit), this makes the door more secure as only authorised users with a fob can enter and exit by presenting their fob, ideal for nuseries and old peoples homes where a push to exit button, wher anyone who presses the button can exit or open the door from inside, would not be suitable or desired.

If you have any questions about the features of this SMART keypad please contact us.

Main features:

APP Control & User Management
Slimline (Narrow) Combined Keypad / Reader / Controller with Metal Construction

12 Volt DC
2000 User Proximity Tags or Codes
Weatherproof Keypad / Proximity Keypad to IP68
Optional External Proximity Reader Can be Added to the keypad

Surface Mounted
Door Bell Function
Illuminated Keys
Relay Lock Output with programmable lock open time
Proximity Tokens or User Codes can be Enrolled or Deleted Individually or via APP
Remote unlocking via APP
Temporary code set up via APP
App is Free.

What is included?
1 x DG-925T Weatherproof Proximity Keypad Unit
1 x IP68 External Proximity Reader

1 x Installation and Programming Instructions