Scantronic Eaton 9651-43 Wired Alarm Kit with GSM SMS Call Dialler

Scantronic Eaton 9651-43 Wired Alarm Kit with GSM SMS Call Dialler
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Scantronic Eaton 9651-43 Wired Alarm Kit with LCD Proximity Keypad, Professional PIRs & SMS Call GSM Dialler

This Professional quality kit as fitted by UK alarm installers and features a fully programmable SCANTRONIC 9651-43 8 Zone control panel with a LCD English Text PROXIMITY keypad that can accomodate up to 16 access codes or Fobs. 

The kit includes a Live bell box of a modern design with an integrated 115db siren, strobe, back up battery, warning / status light and is fully tamper protected and is EN50131 Compliant and suitable for Garde 2 Class 2 Installations.

The PIRs in this kit are a PROFESSIONAL EN50131-1 and are suitable for GRADE 2 Class 2 installations and offer exceptional reliability and accuracy. The maximum range is 12 Metre by 17 Meter range and have a selectable look down detection feature as well as a selectable Pet Friendly feature to make the PIR tolerant to pets in the protected area up to 36Kg in weight. They have many features found in higher end detectors such as sealed optics (bug guard), PIR detection sensitivity adjustment and Selectable LED indication on or off. The dimensions are approximately 86 x 60 x 38mm (HxWxD) and have a compact and aesthetic design. They are suitable for installations for home, small commercial and office environments.

The kit also includes a GSM dialler that once connected in the event of an alarm will send an SMS message and/or silent call to up to 5 pre-programmed numbers of your choice, the SMS message can be customised. No phone line is required as the GSM dialler uses a pay as you go or contract SIM to make the calls on any major network (not 3). Set up is very easy just connect a minimum of 3 wires, program via SMS and you are done, an easy to follow guide is supplied. Small and compact designed to fit inside the control panel.

Main Features

Proximity Tag or PIN Code Operation   
8 Zones Programmable Security Zones
Zone Can Be Programmed for Fire
Fully Programmable Part Set Options
16 Programmable Access Codes / Fobs
250 Event time & date stamped log
Super loud external siren - 115db
Fully wired system for reliability
Installed by UK Alarm Installers available DIY
Equipment CE and / or EN50131 Grade 2 compliant

Kit Includes
1 x 8 Zone Fully Programable Control Panel
1 x LCD English Text PROXIMITY Remote Keypad
5 x FREE Proximity Fobs worth £30
1 x SUPER LOUD 115dbLive Bell Boxes, SAB, Warning Light & Strobe
1 x GSM Dialler with antenna
1 x 100 Metre roll of 6 core alarm cable
2 x Surface mounted door contacts
1 x Rechargeable battery for system back up
1 x Packet of alarm cable clips
Manufacturers instructions
Use of our technical help line

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