Pet Friendly Wired PIR Detector Immune to pets up to 38Kg

Pet Friendly Wired PIR Detector Immune to pets up to 38Kg
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Advanced, High Grade PET FRIENDLY WIRED PIR detector. Ideal where protection is needed in areas where pets roam free.

Our Pet friendly PIR dtector is an advanced pet-immune microprocessor-controlled PIR detector, designed for easy installation, free of vertical adjustment. It features a cylindrical lens with uniform detection sensitivity up to a distance of 12 meters (40 ft), and immunity to pets weighing up to 38 kg (85 lb).

Advanced True Motion Recognition™ algorithm allows the PIR detector to distinguish between the true motion of an intruder and any other disturbances, which cause false alarms. In addition the Target Specific Imaging™ (TSI) technology is employed for distinction between human beings and pets.

The detector is immune to 38 kg (85 lb) animals moving on the floor or climbing on furniture as long as the activity takes place below 1 m (3 ft). Above the 1 m (3 ft) height limit, the detector is immune to 19 kg (42 lb) pets, but the pet immunity will decrease as the pet gets closer to the detector. It is therefore recommended to select a mounting location that minimizes potential close proximity of animals.

Easy To Install with Elegant Design. The PIR detects heat sources against background heat.

Desigined to be added to virtually any WIRED burglar alarm system for example - ADE, Texecom, Eurosec, Scantronic, Ademco, C&K and many others!

Main Features

Immune to Animals upto 38Kg (85Lb)
Pulse Count False Alarm Facility
High RFI / EMI
12 Meter by 12 Meter Range
Tamper Circuit
Comes with Ceiling Bracket for Easy Fitting
Used by the Professionals

Pack Includes

1 x Pet Immune WIRED PIR Detector
Manufacturers Instruction / Installation Guide