i-on G3MM Expandable 200 Zone SMART Control Panel with LCD Keypad

i-on G3MM Expandable 200 Zone SMART Control Panel with LCD Keypad
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Eaton (i-onG3MM-KPZ) i-on Wired Control Panel Medium Metal End Station

i-onG3MM-KPZ Large control panel with LCD Keypad with built-in proximity. The control panel is expandable to 200 zones by using wired or wireless expander units.The system can accommodate 200 users, each able to use a PIN, prox tag and keyfob to set the system or App control. The Larger housing is designed to accommodate a rechargeable battery (not included) and a broad range of 3rd party communication equipment if required.

The out of the box the control panel can support 200 users, 10 wired on board zones that can be extended to a maximum of 200 zones or devices by using wired or wireless expander modules and has 1 full set and 3 part set modes (ideal for night time setting) or it can be configured as a partitioned system to allow the system to be 'split' into smaller independent systems useful for a factory and offices for example, up to 20 partitions can be selected.

To enable the SMART functions such as app control and alarm notifications you must connect the control panel to the internet via an on board RJ45 network port (or optional Wi-Fi dongle) and this allows AUTHORISED end users to control the system and receive alarm notifications and alerts via the SECURE Android or iOS app via the included cloud subscription that is FREE.

Main Features:

Grade 2 or 3
Dual Bus
200 Zones
200 Users
20 Partitions
Ethernet On board

Kit includes:

1 x 10 Zone fully programmable with a larger metal alarm control panel end station
1 x LCD Proximity Keypad
1 x Cloud account details (if required)