Bosch Blue Line Wired Intruder Alarm PIR Motion Detector

Bosch Blue Line Wired Intruder Alarm PIR Motion Detector
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Bosch Blue Line ISC-BPR2-W12 is an Advanced, High Grade, Passive Infra-red (PIR) detector with selectable look down detection zone, easy to Install with elegant design. The PIR detects heat sources against background heat and movement.

The Bosch PIR has a unique two piece installation allowing you to wire to teminals on the back plate and electrical connection to the PIR is made when the PIR is attached to the backplate and lock together making installation easier than a traditional PIR.

Designed to be added to virtually any wired burglar alarm system for example - ADE, Texecom, Eurosec, Scantronic, Ademco, C&K, Menvier, Bosch, Gardtec and many others! They can be used on a new installation or to extend and existing one. If you are unsure that this will fit your system please contact us and we will confirm this for you.

Main Features

First Step Processing (FSP)
Two Piece Installation Friendly Design
11 Meter by 11 Meter Range (45ft x 45ft)
Selectable Look Down 'Creep' Detection Zone
Sealed Optics for Draught and Insect Immunity
Adjustable Range Sensitivity
LED activation light is selectable as on or off
EN50131-1 Grade 2 Class II
Dims: 10.7 cm (H) x 6.1 cm (W) x 4.8 cm (D)
Fully wired system for reliability
As installed by UK Installers

Box Includes

1 x Bosch PIR Detectors with 'Look Down Zone'
1 x Manufacturers instructions