Burglar Alarm Extension Speaker with Tamper Switch

Burglar Alarm Extension Speaker with Tamper Switch
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This internal extension speaker sounder is an ideal addition to any wired intruder alarm system.

Once installed the unit will make the entry and exit tones of your system louder and clearer and in the event of an alarm will double as an internal siren (depending on the output of your panel) the extension speaker has a maximum sound output of 96db @ 1 Meter.

Constructed of ABS plastic with a Mylar 16 ohm speaker with an anti-tamper switch and presoldered leads and connecting block for easy connection.

This burglar alarm extension speaker is suitable for use on most wired intruder alarm control panels with an extension speaker output including ADE, Honeywell, Texecom, Scantronic, Pyronix, Gardtec, Eurosec and many more but if you are unsure if it will fit your existing system just ask and we will confirm it for you.

Main Features

High Quality Mylar Speaker
Anti-Tamper Switch
Presoldered connecting lead with connecting block
96db @ 1 Meter
Compatible with most makes of alarm system
Approx.Dims: 120mm (W) 120mm (H) 50mm (D)
Colour: White