Deedlock Solenoid Bolt Electric Drop Lock with Surface Mounting Kit

Deedlock Solenoid Bolt Electric Drop Lock with Surface Mounting Kit
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The Deedlock AER134 Electric Solenoid Bolt is a fail-safe locking device for access control systems that require maximum holding force or wher a higher degree of security locking is required due to the physical locking of a steel 'throw' bolt. The lock is designed to be mortice fitted into any suitable door and frame and can be mounted in a Horizontal or Vertical position making it very flexible. It is also suitable for double doors as two can be fitted side by side to lock both doors if required.

The solenoid lock is suitable for use on most access control systems and door entry system and can be fittied to wooden and steel doors and can be surface mounted with the supplied surface mounting kit.

Main Features:

12 / 24 Volt DC Operation
Fail Safe (Unlocked if power fails)
High security physical bolt locking
Fully concealed installation for use in metal and timber doors
Suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting
Suitable for single or double swing doors
Dual monitoring or the door position and bolt position
Variable auto-relock time
1500 KG Holding Force
Mortice Fitting
Optional surface mounting kit
Very High (Locking) Holding Force
Professional Quality