6 Zone Wireless Alarm Kit with Speech Dialler and Solar External Siren

6 Zone Wireless Alarm Kit with Speech Dialler and Solar External Siren
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6 Zone control panel wireless alarm kit with speech dialler - 433MHZ

Our 6 zone wireless alarm kit has been designed to be easy to install and use and includes a 6 zone control panel with LED indication and an integrated voice dialler. This allows you to enrol detectors on a specific zone for individual monitoring of the property area or 'zone'.  In addition the control panel the control panel can support a wired bell box if prefered and has an output to trigger external equipment of required (a GSM dialler for example). The system can also be fully armed, part armed and disarmed using the integrated keypad on the control panel with a user code or a wireless fob.

The control panel has an built-in voice dialler that will call up to 4 telephone numbers and deliver an alarm message when the system is triggered. The dialler can be programmed with land line or mobile phone numbers, your alarm voice message, message time and number of redials. The control panel will need to be connected to your phone line to use this feature.

In standard form the kit provides enough protection for the smaller premises, however the system can be easily expanded to offer more coverage in a larger premises including outbuildings within the 100 meter wireless range. There is no limit to the additional detectors that can be enrolled to the alarm system.

The system has a full 'Arm' and a 'Part-Arm' mode. Full ARM will arm all zones while the 'Part-Arm' mode will only arm the zones that are enabled for 'Part-Arm', ignoring a PIR detector on a landing at night for example.

The external siren comes complete with a rechargeable battery that is charged by the solar panel built into the siren unit. UK daylight is sufficient to ensure the rechargeable battery is always in peak condition all year round.

The internal rechargeable battery can maintain the siren for 45 days in complete darkness from a full charge. This is an important security feature ensuring that potential intruders cannot disable the siren by temporarily covering the solar panel.

The external siren has anti tamper and anti jamming protection and also has flashing 'comfort lights' that flash alternately to give a visual deterrent to warn possible intruders that the alarm is live, active and real. These comfort lights flash regardless of  the system being armed or disarmed. In the event of an alarm trigger the comfort lights then flash quickly to act as a visual indicator in addition to the built in 105dB siren unit that ensures the alarm will not go unnoticed once triggered.

The system comes with a comprehensive instruction manual and all batteries and standard fixings required to complete the installation straight from the box. The wireless accessories in the kit are all battery powered using battery types that are easily available at all standard retail and DIY outlets when replacements are required.

Main features:

6 Zone wireless alarm system with Integrated Voice Dialler (Requires connection to Mains and Telephone line)
Easy to install and use
Arm and Disarm from wireless fob or keypad
Built in panic button on the remote control
105db External SOLAR powered siren (This is as loud as some wired sirens)
Siren flashing 'comfort lights' for added visual deterrent
Expandable with a full range of accessories
No limit to the number of additional detectors
Suitable for home and business use
Non volatile memory (remembers programming in the event of total power loss)
Ready straight from the box!

Kit Includes:

1 x 6 Zone wireless control panel with voice dialler
1 x Wireless Solar Siren with rechargeable battery
2 x Wireless PIR Detectors
2 x Wireless Magnetic Door Contacts
1 x Wireless Remote Control Fob
1 x Mains adapter
All Batteries and Standard Fixings Required

Approximate Dimensions: (H x W x D)

Control Panel: 185mm x 230mm x 52mm
PIR Detector: 112mm x 71mm x 45mm
Door Contact: 125mm x 26mm x 15mm  Magnet: 54mm x 14mm x 11mm
Bell Box: 315mm x 225mm x 85mm
Fob: 75mm x 39mm x 15mm